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"So this, as far as I know, is the known sole recorded performance of the duo in Belfast. And quite an honour too, because they are absolutely magnificent...Maybe it was something about the arctic weather made them feel at home..."-Bandwith Sessions

"Her lungs are large and her voice is full of power and passion, but also beauty." - Atlanta Music Guide

The tracks up for preview are diverse in style...but the one constant is her passionate, soaring voice. Her singing grabs hold right away and allows her material to fully shine. With a songwriting ability and delivery that are both genuinely impressive, Pray's live show should be well worth checking out. - Windy City Rock, Chicago

"If passion has a voice, it's Sarah Pray. Solid songs sung with commitment. Every sultry note is sculpted and fashioned to pierce the soul... simply masterful." - KVIK-FM 104.7, Decorah, IA




Gil Robles © 2010


Gil Robles © 2010


Ryan Rafferty © 2010


Ryan Rafferty © 2010


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Gil Robles © 2010

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